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Type Walking Floor
Year 2012
Manufacturer EAST
Stock # ED48149
Vin # 1E1U2Y283CRD48149
Suspension Reyco 21B
Length 48 ft
Width 102"
Height 100"
Tires BRIDGESTONE 11R24.5 R196
Wheels 8.25 X 24.5
# of Axles 2




    Length:                                                48’

    Width:                                                 102”

    Height:                                               100”

    Bulkhead:                                            3/16” – Access hole to Steel Hydraulic Lines

    Side Material:                                      3/16” – 3 Extra Uprights each side

    Top Rail:                                             Unloader

    Tarp Hooks:                                        5 on Bulkhead

    Catwalk:                                              Yes

    B.H. Ladder:                                       Rung – Drivers side

    Crossmember:                                     “I” Beam – 12” C/L

    Floor Make:                                        Keith Mfg. – 3 ½” Drive Cylinders, Nylon T Blocks at rear

    Floor Material:                                    2299

    Wear Pads:                                          CWS

    45” Dirt Shedders:                              8” Smooth

    Tarp Bar:                                             Yes

    Tape Color:                                         White

    Light Panel:                                         in Tailgate LED

    Marker Lights:                                    3 pair per side top and bottom, all LED, all boxed in

    Midmount Signals:                              Yes LED

    Hose Hanger:                                      Yes

    Tire Carrier:                                        Yes in middle




    Height:                                                Full

    Type:                                                   Single

    Style:                                                   Sheet & Post

    Material Thickness:                            3/16”

    Side Swing Hinge:                              On Passenger side

    Gate seal:                                             None

    Gate Ladder:                                       Cast / Center

    Tarp Hooks:                                        4 on gate

    Winders:                                              One

    Gate Guide:                                         Yes

    Gate Control:                                      Mechanical

    Pockets:                                               Fabbed /Extruded

    Cross pipe:                              Two – One Spring type in middle.  One Tube type rear.


    Hoses:                                     Two 4000PSI

    Length:                                    108”

    HP:                                          Wingnut

    LP:                                          Male Brass


    Model:                                     Tandem

    Type:                                       Aluminum Sub Frame

    Axle to Axle:                          49”

    Rear Axle Setting:                  26 1/2”

    5th Wheel Ht:                          49” standard

    Pin Setting:                             36”

    Suspension:                             Reyco 21B

    Springs:                                   Single Leaf

    Axles:                                    5” Round – TP

    Brakes:                                    16 ½” x 7”

    Dust Shields:                           Yes

    Brake Chambers:                     Top of axle

    ABS:                                       2S/1M

    Hubs:                                       10 S LWSTL / LWBD-PIL – East Elite

    Wheels:                                   8.25 x 24.5

    Tires:                                       Bridgestone 11R24.5 R196

    Dollies:                                    Jost A441

    Location:                                 Driverside Crank

    Bumper:                                  Steel

    Tow Hooks:                            Two

    Push Blocks:                           Yes

    Weight: 17,268 lbs

    Volume:  115 cu yds

    List of repairs for ED48149:

    • Remove T-blocks, pull slats out to be reused, weld and buff holes in slats, straighten slats
    • Repair subdeck as needed, Replace bad sections of side seal, replace bearings,
    • Turn floor and reinstall with 5 used slats, drill and bolt down, install T-blocks
    • Cut out bad section of stainless hydraulic lines in upper couple, reflare both lines, make splice sections and install.
    • Replace switching and control valves and handles
    • Manufacture and install new slope plate
    • Cut and remove driver side top rail and replace, replace bent section of tarp bar,
    • Install new spring bar and rear cross bar
    • Cut and section in bad spots on 2 side posts
    • Overlay rear 10′ of inside walls and patch any holes left
    • Re-bush torque rods and equalizers, cut off and replace loose U-bolts on front axle
    • Replace tailgate linkage, free up and rebuild door bar latches, replace shoe on landing gear
    • Square up back end of trailer, straighten out bow in tailgate
    • Remove round stock from gate, grind clean, reinstall new
    • Remove tarp, weld up all holes, Replace ladder on front of trailer
    • Check lights and ABS, make needed repairs


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