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Type Walking Floor
Year 2024
Manufacturer TITAN
Stock # T3RD000489
Vin # 2TVWF5323RD000489
Suspension INTRAAX AAT 30K
Length 53 ft
Width 102"
Height 13' 1 1/2"
Wheels 8.25 X 22.5
# of Axles 2


    2024 TITAN 53′ 2 AXLE WALKING FLOOR TRAILER                           CALL FOR PRICING

    Customer Application:    Garbage – 3.5″ Drive

    Wall Configuration:         Front – to suit garbage application       Sides – 7-14″ + 1-6″ to suit garbage application    Rear Door – Side swing, Solid, lights in door, air release with reinforced lock finger

    Upper Coupler:                5/16″ THK Steel – set @ 48″ high

    Axles:                                 (2) Intraax AAT 30K     axle track – 77″

    Hub/Drum:                      10 Stud Duralite – Hub Pilot / Centrifuse Drum

    Rims:                                 STEEL -std duty – pre-painted white

    Tires:                                Brand – Goodyear           Size – 11R22.5         Tread – Endurance RSA     Ply – 16          Quantity – 8

    Brakes:                              ABS – 2S/1M Meritor Wabco                Slack adj – Meritor Auto                   Cam Enclos – All axles – come with dust shields

    Landing Gear:                 Holland Mark 5 – Std skid foot

    Keith Walking Floor:     Running floor II – 3.5″ dia cylinders with 10″ stroke      Slat model & width – 2299 (1914 CWS) 3 1/2″, 1212 seals, T-blocks rear     4′ Keith Style wear strips at rear

    Catwalk:                         Universal Roadside Entry 24″ Catwalk                  J-Ladder front – roadside to catwalk

    Weight:   19,177 lbs         Volume:  135.49 cu yds


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