$ 122,500.00
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Type Hopper
Year 2023
Manufacturer TITAN
Stock # T4PD000840
Vin # 2TVHP4324PD000840
Suspension Hendrickson Intraax AAT 30K
Length 43 ft
Width 102"
Height 11' 6"
Tires Goodyear Marathon RSS
Wheels 8.25 x 22.5 Alcoa Durabright
# of Axles 2
Tarp Roll Rite Electric
Liner NO


    Base model 43-2-TW-HP – Open Top (3 Hopper) – POLISHED PANELS
    Panel configuration UBP, 4-14” ELD Panels, 6” V1 Top Panel w/ integrated latchplate roadside
    Overall length 43’
    Overall width 102” nominal
    Overall height 137 1/4” approx. to top of Tarp Header
    Side Height 76 3/8” approx.
    King pin location 15” BOLT IN
    Upper coupler Aluminum Coupler Assembly w/ steel wear plate set @ 48” high
    Number of Axles
    Primary One (1)
    Auto Lift One (1)
    Axles Intraax – Straight Spindle – Long Studs
    Axle track 77.5”
    Suspension Intraax AAT 30K – See Note #3
    Location of spreads See axle layout
    Hub/drum assembly 10 stud duralite hub pilot/centrifuse drum
    Disc wheel size 8.25 x 22.5
    Rims Aluminum Durabright Outer/Mill Inner
    Tires Brand Goodyear
    Size 11R22.5 – 41.9 dia
    Tread Marathon RSS
    Ply 16
    Quantity 8
    Overall Height from Ground 137 1/4” approx. to top of tarp header
    Axle layout Front-A/Lift -122- Primary-24-Rear
    Oil seals To suit axles
    Lubricants Oil 80W90
    Brakes ABS 2S2M
    Slack adj. Haldex Auto
    Cam Enclos All axles – c/w dust shields
    Lift kits Hendrickson UBL
    Lift controls Autosensing – See Note #17
    Frame width 47 ¼”
    Rear bumper None
    Tire carrier None
    Landing gear Jost AX151.G8.17 Aluminum landing gear – 5 year maintenance free, 10 yr warranty
    Interior Slope
    Angle 35 degrees w/55 degree kickups
    Material All TW panel
    Wall Dividers for Hopper (2) Vented, Thinwall Panel
    Hopper Material 3/16” Aluminum Plate, Add knock rail
    Hopper Door Size 32”W x 36”L
    Hopper Door Operator Road Side (2) Speed Crank – New SS bearings on hopper door crank shafts
    Tarp header Front & Rear 9” rise
    Tarp basket None
    Tarp Trison (Black Tarp) Side Roll Toll Rite Style Electric Tarp System
    Fenders Titan Polished Fenders w/ Bullet Lights
    Mud flaps Style Solid Rubber Belting for all mudflaps
    Location Front and rear of 1st Primary, & 1 in front of 2nd primary. Rear large center
    1 piece mudflap and outer 2 mudflaps with no gaps between them. Add st
    stainless steel tips to all mudflaps
    Paint Suspension Titan silver
    Hub / drum Same as suspension
    Rims or Disc Aluminum Durabright Outer/Mill Inner
    Lights Front – (9) markers across front wall evenly spaced
    Lightbar – (15) equally spaced
    Midturn – under the sidewall 1 set 30 series oval w/ stainless ring – See Note #2
    Option #1 Sidewall – add (39) 1 ¼ bullet (M09400CL) marker lights for a total of 21 top + 21 bottom per side
    Option #2 Rear wall (9) 1 ¼” (M09400CL) marker lights evenly spaced
    Access Catwalk None – remove top grab handles
    J-Ladder Frt None – Cast steps roadside – See Note #14
    J-Ladder Rear None – Cast steps roadside – See Note #14
    Steps Hopper Slope None
    Front – Ins None
    Rear – Ins None
    Additional specifications:
    1) Fenders – Front axle will have (5) lights front and (5) lights rear at bottom, rear axle will have (5) lights on front for a total of (30) lights.
    2) Install (3) interior LED lights one per compartment, wire to switch on front wall.
    a. Three exterior spot lights, one at each hopper door
    b. Run all the above lights from toggle switch in B-Trail style control box
    c. Rear light bar all 4” round to be Dual Revolution Trux TLED4X40 and center (5) can change from red to white for back up hooked to P100
    d. Do not install SS rings on the bullet lights (m09400CL). All markers are to be M09400CL
    3) Galvanized hangers & lift kit. All axles to have galvanized hangers. Axle beam assembly only will be painted.
    4) Hopper door frames to suit future grain sock brackets
    a. Add know rail angle entered on side of each hopper – Curbside and Roadside
    b. Trailer to be vibrator ready run air lines (capped off with female quick connect) to vibrator locations with mounting brackets
    5) Add painted black rear back lit logo, hanger plate, 5 lights to say – “Titan trailers Strength Through Innovation”
    6) No town hooks
    7) No landing gear pads to be shipped loose with these trailers
    8) Top crossmembers as per approval drawing
    9) Promo Shield to be sprayed on all exterior components
    10) No coupler storage door is to be installed
    11) Add LED light in control box
    12) Total polish – Titan Tarp Brackets, Landing Gear wing plate, Hopper Sheets, Vib Brackets, Hopper Rails, Fenders
    13) License plate centered in trailer at rear
    14) New Bolt on cast step and stirrup step
    15) Only mandatory decals
    16) Run air line to 3/8” female quick connect coupler in control box from pressure protected air tank
    17) Front axle will be an autosensing lift
    18) Electric tarp to include on board battery, solar panel and remote control


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